Special stockings and inserts

Gilofa med – special socks for diabetics also have silver integrated into the fabric, which because of its anti-bacterial effect additionally helps to avoid dangerous athlete’s foot and infections.
High-heeled shoes that are too tight can in the long term lead to a painful malalignment of the toes. The shoes constantly press the big toe into an unnatural angle against the next toe. In the long run the muscles and ligaments can no longer keep the toes straight. This can lead to painful inflammation of the ball of the foot and even necessitate an operation.
The Gilofa med special stocking combines the benefits of the Gilofa 2000 support and travel socks with a specially knitted toe area. As the latter area is knitted separately, the big toe has room to move and is not constricted. These special support stockings can be worn as preventive care or following operations.
The sole of the foot consists of a close meshed, dense network of veins. Man walks so to speak on a cushion of veins.
The Venoped fitness insole constantly stimulates by means of special pressure pads the vein sensitive areas of the sole of the foot and thus effectively boosts blood circulation.
The insert fits into any shoe and prevents venous problems even more effectively. In addition, the soft material offers a cushioning effect. Walking as on clouds.